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at/on/in this case
in london
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In this case, Party A will not insist on retaining copyright of the part that is changed
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English is useful in commerce.
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A great revolution has taken place in technology.
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A revolution has occurred in technology.
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In the past, the old used to be looked upon as experts in solving various problems of life.
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By and large, Tom is an easy going person in almost everything he does.
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Because of the difference in climate, the same crop is not cultivated in the North and East of the country.
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Examinations play a large part in education.
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Don't go to extremes. To be moderate is important in anything.
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The air quality has deteriorated these past few years.
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On my own responsibility, I will go on with this plan.
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The lake is deepest here in so far as I know.
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The attempts were for the most part unsuccessful.
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Do everything at your own risk.
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The rights of the individual are important in a free society.
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Learning probably takes place in virtually every activity in which we take part.
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I keep a good supply of stamps to save trips to the post office.
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All's fair in love and war.
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America is ahead in space technology.
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In those days , overseas journey and the like where really like dreams.
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Nowadays personal computer is used not only at workplace, but also at home .
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