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JLPT N2 Author: dc
toward; to; in contrast to; whereas; in regard to; in; per
Up until now, Japan has taken a closed policy toward foreign countries.
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Up until now, Japanese has taken a closed policy toward foreign countries.
#6389 Author: rubyhatchet

Whereas entering university is difficult in Japan, graduating from university is difficult in America.
#6390 Author: rubyhatchet

The citizens are strongly opposed to the tax hike.
#6391 Author: rubyhatchet

The commission charge will be 500 yen per 10,000 yen.
#6393 Author: rubyhatchet

There wasn't a counterargument against the economist's thesis.
#6394 Author: rubyhatchet

I have a strong interest in politics.
#6392 Author: rubyhatchet

In america attitudes toward divorce have greatly changed.
#62 Author: dc

towards ones teacher
#547 Author: dc

womens position is quite low whereas in europe it is relatively high.
#549 Author: dc

talked, whereas
#550 Author: dc

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