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JLPT N2 Author: dc
over; span(ning)
His interests span many fields.
の間(の); に広がって; の間続いて
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His fans span three generations.
#6434 Author: rubyhatchet

His work runs the spectrum of the industry.
#6435 Author: rubyhatchet

The song has topped the charts for several weeks now.
#6436 Author: rubyhatchet

Gates has decided to donate 750 million dollars over the next ten years.
#6433 Author: rubyhatchet

Over the period from Jan 4th, 4pm to Jan 6, 8pm a fault to the effect that some greetings cards have not been delivered has occured.
#294 Author: Amatuka

There was an earthquake which extended from Tokyo to Shizuoka.
#887 Author: Amatuka

The stability of a social security system extending into old age is necessary
#5016 Author: bamboo4

Demonstrations occurred for a period of 10 years.
#6880 Author: 赤毛

That child knows many languages ranging from English to German, French, Chinese and Japanese.
#5696 Author: Archana

The pollution of the sea that extends widely becomes a problem.
#7201 Author: sureshnihon

Mr. Chin was due to sickness、he has absent from the school for two months.
#7200 Author: sureshnihon

Mankind, during long months and years accumulated great effort, and finally went to the moon with success.
#6881 Author: 赤毛

According to participating nations prime ministers, conferences occurred over five times.
#6882 Author: 赤毛

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