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JLPT N2 Author: Amatuka
when; on the occasion of; at (the time of); in; upon (doing something)
When I transferred to Osaka, I left my wife and children behind in Tokyo.
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Upon their graduation, the mayor sent his congratulatory words to the graduates.
#6348 Author: rubyhatchet

On the occasion of the factory tour, the person in charge laid out various precautions.
#6349 Author: rubyhatchet

When making your reservation you need to have your credit card number, as well as the expiration date and similar information.
#962 Author: dc

Upon leaving school, we presented him with a table clock as a token of our thanks.
#281 Author: Amatuka

When reading, the great writers of the past must be given the most attention.
#282 Author: Amatuka, dc

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