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JLPT N2 Author: dc
(1)Even; (2)Given, (Judging) From/By
(1) He can't even read hiragana.
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Even his attitude is nasty.
#4613 Author: Miki

That country doesn't have enough food for a start (implies: so they definitely don't have enough gasoline etc.)
#521 Author: dc

Cannot even read hiragana, and also of course cannot read kanji
#309 Author: dc

Judging from his physical condition doing sports would be unwise
#3222 Author: halx

Given its price, I didn't expect the X machine to be in the same league as the Y machine.
#6492 Author: rubyhatchet

Even though we're getting married soon, we haven't been able to prepare at all. We haven't even decided where to live yet.
#6493 Author: rubyhatchet

I can't even stand his greeting.
#7099 Author: usaton

Even their project name is unique.
#7100 Author: usaton

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