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JLPT N1 Author: Amatuka
particularly thanks to
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The fact that I could surface from the depth of 20 meters after running out of air without suffering air embolism could only be attributed to the constant training I went through.
#3212 Author: bamboo4

Because I am especially thinking about your wellbeing, I am strict.
#5312 Author: blabby

I found the work easy, especially since I had done that kind of work before.
#4755 Author: Miki

I'm thankful to you all, it's particularly because of all of your support that we were able to complete construction without incident.
#517 Author: Amatuka

The victory was especially due to the team members' cooperation.
#6268 Author: khongbietboi

Especially because she is smart, she worries about such things.
#5313 Author: blabby

Wearing a kimono , rather than wearing Western clothes even if you don't use it much, can be something very stressing on your muscles. But i guess it's all possible particularly thanks to having good health right?
#3195 Author: Exrulez

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