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(thing) you know? isn't it?
its a fun thing, exchanging mail on mobile phones, isn't it.
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Those in the teaching profession should not merely seek material pleasure.
Edit  #6692 赤毛
In the J League, it's ok to be called a loser. That's football|soccer.
Edit  #6693 赤毛
Mom: Why didn't you eat your carrots? Child: 'Cause I don't like them, that's why !
Edit  #6695 赤毛
Exchanging email on mobile phones is a fun thing to do , isn't it?
Edit  #503 dc
When you meet people in the morning you should say "Morning!"
Edit  #1035 d4
When I was young I used to often defy my parents.
Edit  #7052 dekirukana
It's the real thing.
Edit  #7080 dario27
Mr.Daguchi has learned flower arrangement for 10 years and still thinks he's not very good at it. However, to me, who has only learned flower arrangement only for 2 years, his work is just excellent.
Edit  #7142 sureshnihon
something I can do
Edit  #1034 d4, bamboo4
I least expected it,but when I tried to do it, I found that it could really be done.
Edit  #3067 bamboo4
It's like that big accident really helped .
Edit  #5991 khongbietboi
When the earthquake ocorred, everyone panicked .
Edit  #5992 khongbietboi
To listen to people`s talking .
Edit  #5993 khongbietboi
When I was a child, I used to be scolded by dad .
Edit  #5994 khongbietboi
Younger brother: Please, let me read your comics. Older brother: No way! This is not something you should see, get away .
Edit  #6690 赤毛
Children must obey to their parents .
Edit  #6691 赤毛
Mankind seems to end up requesting everything from idols.
Edit  #6694 赤毛
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