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Edit  Amatuka
not very, not much
When used with negative verbs, [amari + v-nai] = [not very much v]
Edit  Amatuka
I don't understand English very well.
Edit  #6799 赤毛
Don't worry too much about it. Everybody blows it once in a while.
Edit  #236 Amatuka, dc
I had a part-time job as a hotel maid, but I didn't like it very much
Edit  #237 Amatuka
You are all too quick.
Edit  #3396 dbx
You had better not sit up late up night.
Edit  #3397 dbx
That man is too masterful for my liking.
Edit  #3398 dbx
He doesn't have long to live.
Edit  #3399 dbx
He is not very fast at making friends.
Edit  #3400 dbx
As I do not have enough money, I will have to do without a new coat this winter.
Edit  #3401 dbx
Don't spend too much money.
Edit  #3402 dbx, dc
Don't make the perm too strong, please.
Edit  #3403 dbx, dc
I was wondering if you could give me a lift, if it isn't too much trouble?
Edit  #3404 dbx
I was wonder if you could give me a lift, if it isn't too much trouble?
Edit  #3405 dbx
Only if it's not too much trouble.
Edit  #3406 dbx
Don't blow your horn too much.
Edit  #3407 dbx, Miki
In March, I didn't study French a lot.
Edit  #8639 Sakuratree
I don't travel a lot.
Edit  #8640 Sakuratree
Do you have jobs in which it's OK even if you don't use Japanese language very much?
Edit  #6796 赤毛
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