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JLPT N2 Author: dc
just as I'd, right at the moment when I'd
just as I thought to call her, she called me
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When I tried doing it as said in the manual, it went well.
#368 Author: Amatuka

Just when I'd thought I'd call her, she called me.
#369 Author: Amatuka

When questioned whether they used the Internet at home 28.6% said they "currently use it".
#371 Author: Amatuka

As the criminal was coming out of the shop, the police grabbed him.
#756 Author: Amatuka

Actually, once I came to Japan it was more wonderful than I had imagined.
#6948 Author: 赤毛

It is easy to have used it very much when new [wo-puro] was used.
#7197 Author: sureshnihon

You will find a post office around the corner.
#8466 Author: karekano

I`ll call you when I`ve finished the work.
#8467 Author: karekano

When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.
#8468 Author: karekano

Finally a little calm. I say that because we are just having the baby fallen asleep.
#6949 Author: 赤毛

Just as I thought to phone her the phone rang.
#686 Author: Amatuka

Once I had checked up the telephone directory, such firm name didn't appear.
#6955 Author: 赤毛

Once I had inquired it to the firm, they sent the map to me.
#6965 Author: 赤毛

Once I had tried calling the person in charge to inquire, application for the company trip was already over.
#6202 Author: rubyhatchet

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