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JLPT N2 Author: dc
due to
due to construction, the train is late.
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Since these are bargain items, they are limited to one per person.
#6411 Author: rubyhatchet

Due to construction, this street is closed to traffic.
#6409 Author: rubyhatchet

Due to the air conditioning, please close the door.
#6410 Author: rubyhatchet

due to construction, trains are cancelled (Lit: not running)
#349 Author: dc

Class cancelled due to the professor's business trip abroad.
#4941 Author: PaulO

This machine is currently unavailable due to maintenance.
#6589 Author: hana

Due to rainy weather we postpone the match.
#8070 Author: missshapoooo

We are closed today due to the holiday
#6590 Author: hana

Due to the rainy weather we postpone the match.
#5996 Author: khongbietboi

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