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JLPT N2 Author: dc
before ... (something bad happens); while ... still (being OK), while (state still continue) and before the state is finished
暗くならないうちに帰ってきなさい。/ Come home before it gets dark.
Come home before it gets dark.
#337 Author: dc

I think it's best I go before it starts raining, so I'll be leaving now.
#6903 Author: minutiae

I think I'd like to go and see my mother while she is still healthy.
#6905 Author: 赤毛

Let's go home before it starts to rain. (lit. while it's not yet raining.)
#5237 Author: eastmael

Do not get off the train while it is in motion.
#5255 Author: brsdjbd

She had not been employed five months before she was fired.
#8512 Author: karekano

She had been tired out before she got to the village.
#8513 Author: karekano

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