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JLPT N2 Author: dc
just, for good, once and for all (keeps on same state)
he went to america for good.
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My mother told me, "Borrowing something and not returning it is the same as stealing."
#6075 Author: rubyhatchet

My son went to his friends house and didnt come back.
#845 Author: Amatuka

he went to america (and didn't come back).
#608 Author: Amatuka

The store closed down for good.
#4632 Author: Miki

Though 38, he is still dependent on his parents.
#4635 Author: Miki

He went away from home three years ago, and has never been heard of since.
#4636 Author: Miki

He always left the problem of this children's education to his wife.
#4637 Author: Miki

He has been confined to his bed with illness.
#4638 Author: Miki

A bedridden (LIT: forever in bed) old man.
#312 Author: dc

I got a letter, but ... nothing after that.
#313 Author: dc

S. University's mountain-climbing party ascended the Northern Alps' Tateyama three days ago and haven't come back down. A rescue team is searching for their whereabouts.
#6076 Author: rubyhatchet

We haven`t seen her since then.
#8232 Author: karekano

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