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〜ことに 「は」
JLPT N2 Author: dc
Very; Quite; The 〜 thing is that....
To my great surprise...
It is a totally great thing, from April my salary goes up by 10%
#310 Author: dc

Quite unfortunately, the bullet trains have been stopped because of a strike, and our trip got cancelled.
#6115 Author: rubyhatchet

Quite surprisingly, I heard that she can speak seven foreign languages.
#6116 Author: rubyhatchet

To my great surprise, my lost wallet made it to the police intact.
#6419 Author: evilkyra

The unfortunate thing is that the camp I had looked forward to was canceled due to rain.
#6822 Author: akiokun

Unfortunately , I've lost all my change through a hole in my pocket.
#5256 Author: brsdjbd

My boss gets his kicks out of torturing monkeys .
#5935 Author: brsdjbd

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