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JLPT N2 Author: dc
Cannot help -ing; Unbearably; Irresistibly
I cannot help feeling anxious.
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I'm dying to know Japanese history more deeply.
#6229 Author: rubyhatchet

My husband has gone alone for work, and I cannot help feeling lonely.
#6230 Author: rubyhatchet

The summer in Tokyo is awfully hot.
#6231 Author: rubyhatchet

I can't help thinking Father is still alive.
#3644 Author: dbx

You can't help but think it strange - he does no work at all yet he's still so well off.
#847 Author: Amatuka

I can't stop worrying about tomorrow's presentation. I can't sleep!
#849 Author: Amatuka

Even though (I) should be expect every day to be enjoyable I can't stop getting depressed.
#848 Author: Amatuka, dc

I just can`t stand his snoring.
#8474 Author: karekano

It`s a complete mystery to me why she said such a thing.
#8475 Author: karekano

A war may start. The people can't help but feel uneasy (is the outlook?)
#682 Author: dc

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