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this, especially (emphasis),very
Welcome! Nice to see you!
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I'm gonna do it this time or never.
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This is the very thing we have been seeking and looking for.
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It is I, and not you, who must apologize.
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Without giving the slightest attention to my plea to stop, he rushed out of the house.
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You are very much welcome.
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It was purely because of the Michelson-Morley experiment on the speed of light that made it possible for Einstein to establish his special theory of relativity.
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I've been off a while but _this_ year I'll see your English ability raised.
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That's just what I wanted.
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A frien in need is a friend indeed.
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We`re only saying this for your own sake.
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This is the very book I need now.
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I will definitely study tomorrow!
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