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JLPT N2 Author: dc
1) just, only, simply, merely; 2) as much as X wants/like/can (whatever, anything)
1) don't just love her; 2) eat as much as you want (eat whatever/anything you'd like)
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The personal computer is used not only at the office but also at home recently.
#7157 Author: sureshnihon

I think it's great that you can write Japanese like this. ( or: this much, to this extent )
#3132 Author: bi-ru

After unilaterally saying whatever he had to say, that guy left.
#3133 Author: bamboo4

This book is certainly worth reading.
#3135 Author: bamboo4

"Can I help you?" "No, thank you. I'm just looking around."
#4436 Author: Miki

There is but one chance left.
#4437 Author: Miki

Oh, just fill out this from.
#4438 Author: Miki

Do you have enough time to buy enough things for souvenirs?
#209 Author: Amatuka

On Sunday, I decided to sleep for as long as I wanted, so it was already afternoon around the time I woke up.
#6169 Author: rubyhatchet

Today is special because it's your birthday. It's okay to eat as much cake and chocolate as you like.
#6170 Author: rubyhatchet

The electricity shortage worries a lot of people. Let's try to save as much electricity as we can.
#6171 Author: rubyhatchet

There's a lot, so please take as many as you want.
#6172 Author: rubyhatchet

I can only write romaji [Roman letters].
#955 Author: dc

At any rate, give it a try.
#5388 Author: Rushyne

You will get results according to how hard you work.
#5378 Author: Rushyne

It was reported not only in the newspapers but also in the weekly magazines.
#5381 Author: Rushyne

You alone [Nobody but you / You are the only one who] can do this.
#5379 Author: Rushyne

May [Could] I borrow it just for the morning?
#5380 Author: Rushyne

There were ten such cases in Tokyo alone.
#5382 Author: Rushyne

I wish you had said just [even] one word of apology.
#5383 Author: Rushyne

I only said it (but did not mean it).
#5384 Author: Rushyne

I took a fancy to the house at first sight.
#5385 Author: Rushyne

The mere suggestion (sight) of it made him angry.
#5386 Author: Rushyne

You have only to let me have a glance at it.
#5387 Author: Rushyne

Let us try hard as much as we can.
#6922 Author: 赤毛

She is not only diligent she is also charming.
#208 Author: Amatuka

It will only make a family matters worse.
#8132 Author: karekano

Write only your family name in capitals (capital letters).
#8133 Author: karekano

They were the only people to thank me.
#8134 Author: karekano

I don`t just love her.
#8135 Author: karekano

I was moved to tears just (by) thinking about it.
#8136 Author: karekano

I did it for money alone.
#8137 Author: karekano

Only Sakura-san went there.
#8138 Author: karekano

She was absent simply because she caught cold.
#8139 Author: karekano

I felt uneasy at the mere thought of the test.
#8141 Author: karekano

The very thought of going there frightens me.
#8142 Author: karekano

Please forgive me for once.
#8143 Author: karekano

She wanted nothing but love out of him.
#8144 Author: karekano

All that is heard is the sound of waves.
#8145 Author: karekano

I`m telling you nothing else than the truth.
#8146 Author: karekano

She was merely fooled by him.
#8140 Author: karekano

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