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JLPT N2 Author: dc
a lot
Wow! You really have a lot of money in the bank.
What the hell (is this) !
#1323 Author: dc

To educate three kids, will take a lot (LIT: I dont know *how* much ) of money.
#842 Author: Amatuka

Just how many years did we wait for his return!
#665 Author: Amatuka, bamboo4

How pretty this flower is!
#5697 Author: tanaquil

He reflected on how quickly time passes.
#5698 Author: tanaquil

Having to say farewell to friends that were always with you is so sad.
#6099 Author: rubyhatchet

The people were so happy about the fact that peace had returned.
#6100 Author: rubyhatchet

How happy would I be if I passed!
#6570 Author: hana

How many times have I warned you?
#6571 Author: hana

this year a lot of requested.
#8557 Author: belajar

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