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JLPT N2 Author: dc
if (it's) not; unless
It won't sell if it's not interesting.
We can't contact them unless we know the address.
#6296 Author: rubyhatchet

Although you wrote a novel, it won't sell if it's not interesting.
#6297 Author: rubyhatchet

If you don't try eating some of this food then you wont know whether or not you like it.
#5948 Author: brsdjbd

Unless I date him for a little longer, I will never know what kind of person he really is.
#6934 Author: 赤毛

If you don't try, you can't pass this exam.
#6932 Author: amenya

If you don't ask someone, then you definitely will not get the answer of a difficult question.
#5253 Author: brsdjbd

dormitory if not majestic, it will cost is not expensive
#8585 Author: belajar

This kind of people, if you don't really try to meet them, you won't understand them well.
#6935 Author: 赤毛

If you don't try to get there once, perhaps you won't understand the kind of place it is.
#6936 Author: 赤毛

A kind of contagious disease never seen before is spreading out in various places. If it isn't investigated accurately, even the government won't be able to take prevention measures.
#6937 Author: 赤毛

Concerning composition writing, when you mean to express something, in the case it is something personal that you want to express, unless you make it very clear, you can't write anything.
#6938 Author: 赤毛

No matter what you say, health is most important. No matter how capable you are, you cannot fluorish unless you have your health.
#6298 Author: rubyhatchet

Was it possibly the french philosopher Satre who said "People cannot endure things of no meaning" ?
#259 Author: Amatuka, dc

Don't interfere in matters that do not concern you.
#5258 Author: Miki

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