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Edit  dc
just, only
he just drinks coffee
Edit  dc
in the morning, he just drank coffee, and didnt eat anything.
Edit  #109 dc
You must have been surprised to find me with her alone last night.
Edit  #4630 Miki
She was alone with her baby in the house.
Edit  #4631 Miki
I can't face this life alone.
Edit  #4633 Miki
Half a loaf is better than none.
Edit  #4634 Miki
My boss reads men's magazines by himself.
Edit  #5936 brsdjbd
The person Mr.uchida who was sitting besides me in the college days,but i had met him once after completing our graduation.
Edit  #7141 sureshnihon
He is the only son of his parents.
Edit  #8231 karekano
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