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your message is that ...
you are coming to tokyo tomorrow,right?
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its a gradual thing,isn't it?
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Discussion and comments
ということですね. is an expression for confirming information obtained from another person.
but two points should be observed while using this expression:-
[1] when just confirming a fact.
-the content to be confirmed is simply repeated or summarized.
Ex-(a ) あした 10じ から かいぎ を はじめる と つたえて いただきたいんですが...
--あした の かいぎ は 10じから という こと です ね.

[2]when confirming an action of another person.
-if the person is superior or not close to you,certain words need to be replaced with honorific words.in addition,if the speaker uses the words like 'there',meaning the location of the listner,then it should be replaced with 'here' while confirming.

Ex-(a)あした そちら へ いく と つたえて いただきたいん です が.
--あした こちら へ いらっしゃる と いう こと です ね.