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even, although, though, even though
Even though I live in Tokyo, there are many sightseeing spots in the city that I don't know.
けれども、〜ても、〜であっても (文語体の逆説の表現。後ろには、前の内容から当然予想されることと反対の内容を表すぶんがくることが多い。「いかに〜といえども」や「たとえ〜といえども」のような形をとると、特別な状況を強調する表現になる。)
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in recent years, even though you could say medical science has been progressing greatly, the number of sick people has not decreased
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Even though he is a foreigner, it's a case of when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
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Even though I am getting on a bit, I don't intend to lose out to the youngsters for some time to come.
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Although I've lived in Japan for a long time, I constantly encounter language problems
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Even though you might be so busy, you must not neglect your health
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