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JLPT N2 Author: PurpleMoose
of course, expected result
Of course it's cold. ; As you would expect...
〜(の)は当り前だ  〜(の)は当然の結果だ
Looks like there was another case of terrorism. As you'd expect, the inspection of carry-on luggage at the airport is really strict.
#7709 Author: PurpleMoose

"This room's pretty cold, huh." "Of course it's cold. The window is open"
#7710 Author: PurpleMoose

Of course the waves are high. I mean, there is a typhoon coming.
#7711 Author: PurpleMoose

I've got four kids, so as you'd expect, I work really hard every day.
#7712 Author: PurpleMoose

Around of this road A congestion, detour of course
#8547 Author: belajar

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