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Edit  Dom
to avoid
to avoid; to prevent
Edit  Dom
Please make sure you do not cut your finger.
Edit  #7573 8021Yoshida
Please walk so as not to make noise.
Edit  #7583 8157Dogama
Specify files exceeding 20MB cannot be sent
Edit  #7588 8049kataura
Don't be rude to the neighbors.
Edit  #7600 8241murayama
I prevented him from having a doze.
Edit  #7604 8018Murakami
To avoid slipping, I drive carefully.
Edit  #7622 8177Tsushima
Don't be late.
Edit  #7644 8089okita
Please make sure you lose your cellphone again.
Edit  #7671 8027kudo
Please try not to wake me up early in the morning.
Edit  #7699 8211Sakakibara
Don't you do anything.
Edit  #7679 8145wada
I hurried so as not to be late for the appointment.
Edit  #7713 8185Watanabe
Please be careful not to be cheated!
Edit  #7728 8022Ikegami
Please don't play tennis this week.
Edit  #7745 8073Takizawa
Please , keep the door open.
Edit  #7749 8167Otsuki