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Edit  Dom
Edit  Dom
Could you tell me about yourself in English?
Edit  #7517 8241murayama
Could you lend me the book?
Edit  #7522 6176Mishina
Would you explain that more clearly?
Edit  #7547 8061Mouri
Why don't you tell us a little bit about your family?
Edit  #7549 8181Harada
Please give me something to drink?
Edit  #7515 7068Oshima
Would you eat this please?
Edit  #7616 8211Sakakibara
Why don't you tell us a little bit about your narrative?
Edit  #7620 8078Hirai
Could you show me how to do it?
Edit  #7623 8127Okawa
Would you mind introducing me?
Edit  #7657 8166Isoya
Could you give me a sign here?
Edit  #7687 8081moriya
Would you elaborate it a little more, please?
Edit  #7691 8073Takizawa
Could you give me another one?
Edit  #7546 8145wada
Will you have the goodness to look at this?
Edit  #7730 8033chiba
Can you teach me how to use it?
Edit  #7738 8089okita