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Edit  Dom
passing of time;
time passes fast
Edit  Dom
I lost track of time.
Edit  #7506 8241murayama
Time passes quickly when you're busy.
Edit  #7544 8184Yoshitomi
Time flies when you are having fun.
Edit  #7548 8097Terashima
Capacitors lose their charge over time.
Edit  #7582 8078Hirai
It's already noon! It's early that time passed.
Edit  #7593 8211Sakakibara
When time passes, ice changes water.
Edit  #7612 8127Okawa
Time flies like an arrow.
Edit  #7619 6123Ono
This sick symptom improves when time passes.
Edit  #7685 8163Miyahara
As time passes, the wine will become delicious.
Edit  #7684 7144tomoya
I waited for time to pass .
Edit  #7534 8145wada
I wait for time to pass.
Edit  #7724 8033chiba
It will get colder as time passes.
Edit  #7748 8167Otsuki