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Edit  Dom
go ahead; be my guest
be my guest
Edit  Dom
Please sit down.
Edit  #7492 8241murayama
Help yourself to a snack.
Edit  #7502 8097Terashima
You can stay as long as you like.
Edit  #7521 8078Hirai
Go ahead and say it.
Edit  #7527 8127Okawa
This way, please.
Edit  #7540 8211Sakakibara
"May I use your telephone?" "Certainly, go ahead"
Edit  #7557 8173satou
Please ride a car, first.
Edit  #7578 7144tomoya
Let's have a bit of quiet, please.
Edit  #7640 8033chiba
please relax here.
Edit  #7532 6123Ono
Please keep your seats.
Edit  #7503 8145wada
Help yourself to a snack.
Edit  #7716 8181Harada
Help yourself to another cup of soup.
Edit  #7741 8163Miyahara
Please, make yourself comfortable.
Edit  #7744 8167Otsuki