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Edit  Dom
seems like; looks like
it looks like it is going to rain
Edit  Dom
He looks just like you.
Edit  #7280 8065Eshima
He looked like a king.
Edit  #7326 8181Harada
A teacher look a devil.
Edit  #7360 8069Ochiai
She looked like a princess.
Edit  #7361 8021Yoshida
He looks like sick.
Edit  #7381 8081moriya
It was all like a dream.
Edit  #7390 8043Ikeda
He speaks Japanese just like a native.
Edit  #7449 8166Isoya
This dog snores loudly like a human.
Edit  #7455 8223yoshida
He looks tired.
Edit  #7336 6176Mishina
That cloud looks like a pencil.
Edit  #7500 7079Deguchi
Your cheek is red like the apple.
Edit  #7572 8073Takizawa
This shop looks like it is doing well.
Edit  #7317 8058Hatano
He seems to be a nice guy.
Edit  #7645 8127okawa
You look like an angel.
Edit  #7465 5168Nagai