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JLPT N2 Author: Dom
speaking of ~
Speaking of rain, what is the weather like tomorrow?
Speaking of fruit, it is a banana.
#7314 Author: 8069Ochiai

Speaking of first times, this is my first time tasting your dishes.
#7335 Author: 8061Mouri

Speaking of spring, you know what that brings to mind?
#7347 Author: 8184Yoshitomi

Speaking of New York, it is famous for the Statue of Liberty.
#7399 Author: 8018Murakami

Speaking of Brazil, it is famous for soccer.
#7401 Author: 8111Koshio

Speaking of the Olympic in 2008, it is Peking.
#7428 Author: 8027kudo

Speaking of Japan, it is an island country.
#7369 Author: 7068Oshima

Speaking of a samurai, it's the sword.
#7496 Author: 8157Dogama

Speaking of Akihabara, that is sacred to the animation.
#7319 Author: 8049kataura

Speaking of money, he borrowed money again.
#7385 Author: 8053Sugawara

Speaking of spring, it is the season for graduation.
#7291 Author: 8241Murayama

Speaking of Russia,it is famous for cold winters.
#7677 Author: 8223yoshida

Speaking of Okinawa,it is famous for beautiful beaches.
#7689 Author: 8147Isobe

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