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Edit  Dom
One must keep one's promises
Edit  Dom
I must do my assignment.
Edit  #7287 8033chiba
I have to study Japanese.
Edit  #7312 8081moriya
I have to take my final exams this week.
Edit  #7318 8097Terashima
I have to eat breakfast.
Edit  #7328 7079Deguchi
You have to make an effort like him.
Edit  #7339 8166Isoya
I must be here.
Edit  #7371 8220Fukunaga
I have to go to the bank.
Edit  #7386 5168Nagai
I have to study Japanese.
Edit  #7438 8211Sakakibara
We should end this work by the end of today.
Edit  #7439 8163Miyahara
You have to work for your family.
Edit  #7467 8089okita
I have to get going at about 10
Edit  #7330 8043Ikeda
I should hurry to go back home.
Edit  #7359 6176Mishina
I must go home today.
Edit  #7613 8067Ota
I must return these books to the library by 9 o'clock.
Edit  #7681 8223yoshida
I have to go to hospital today.
Edit  #7733 8181Harada