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Edit  Dom
or something like that
A typhoon or something like that.
Edit  Dom
Let me buy you a coke or something.
Edit  #7311 8043Ikeda
I want to eat ice creams or something.
Edit  #7329 8081moriya
There are monkeys or something there.
Edit  #7346 8241Murayama
I want to play baseball or something.
Edit  #7349 8181Harada
I want to drink coffee or something.
Edit  #7378 8111Koshio
Shall I get you a sandwich or something?
Edit  #7416 8021Yoshida
Let's play cards or something!
Edit  #7458 8223yoshida
I give you snack or something.
Edit  #7459 8177Tsushima
I want to drink water or something.
Edit  #7461 5168Nagai
Please give me a cool drink or something.
Edit  #7348 6176Mishina
do you have the pen or something?
Edit  #7434 8033chiba
You better bring a jacket or something.
Edit  #7397 8049kataura
There is a spider or something in the box.
Edit  #7595 8067Ota
Would you like an apple or any other fruit?
Edit  #7736 8163Miyahara