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JLPT N1 Author: Sasato
"thought so, but" OR, "would have thought so/imagined, but didn't"
I thought this restaurant would be cheap but (surprisingly) the bill was over 5,000 yen.
Despite having thought that it must be crowded since it was afternoon, (surprisingly) not a single person was there
#7128 Author: Sasato

I thought this restaurant would be cheap but (surprisingly) the bill was over 5,000 yen!
#7129 Author: Sasato

For someone brought up in a snowy country, you'd think he'd be great at skiing, but he just slips and falls, slips and falls.
#7896 Author: LR

In my remaining years I thought I could live in peace and security from the stores of my retirement savings, but to my surprise , inflation has diminished the value of my savings.
#7897 Author: LR

I thought that maybe the tournament would end with a win for team A, but surprisingly, it ended in a huge turn in the opposite direction.
#7898 Author: LR

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