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wo megutte
surrounding, concerning, about [/ focusing on / in connection with]
There is much debate "concerning...etc" ......X
[〜] を中心点にして、どんな議論や対立関係が起こっているかを言う時
The debate about [concerning] the revision of this regulation is still continuing.
#7071 Author: ZekkDistor

There are two conflicting opinions about [concerning] the use of this land.
#7072 Author: ZekkDistor

The conflict about [concerning] the building of the mansion was finally heading towards a solution
#7074 Author: ZekkDistor

The residents were quarreling over [about] the redevelopment of the town.
#7078 Author: ZekkDistor

The discussion continued on the subject of judicial reform.
#7106 Author: 赤毛

These novels are five men or stories to fight over one woman.
#7207 Author: sureshnihon

There is still a debate going on with regards as to how the class room shall be used.
#7225 Author: Kenny

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