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JLPT N2 Author: 赤毛
not much, too much
あまり面白くない => not very interesting / あまり遅い => too late
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This is too good to be true.
#6790 Author: Amatuka

You are all too quick.
#6792 Author: dc

You had better not sit up so late at night.
#6793 Author: dc

He doesn't have much longer to live.
#6794 Author: dc

You were so late in coming that I was just about to telephone you.
#6791 Author: dc

English is way too difficult for me to understand.
#6998 Author: frankieforfingaz

One must not take oneself too seriously.
#8097 Author: karekano

”Is she old?”. ”No, not very ".
#8098 Author: karekano

I`m not very good at swimming.
#8099 Author: karekano

It wasn`t very far away.
#8100 Author: karekano

I don`t like it too much.
#8101 Author: karekano

He is not too tall.
#8102 Author: karekano

He isn`t (all) that rich.
#8103 Author: karekano

We got there none too soon.
#8104 Author: karekano

It`s not quite cold.
#8105 Author: karekano

The proposition is not overly exciting to me.
#8106 Author: karekano

There`s not much fear of rain.
#8107 Author: karekano

”How many books do you have?" "Not many ".
#8108 Author: karekano

I have little (not much) opportunity to visit my aunt.
#8109 Author: karekano

Don`t expect too much of her.
#8096 Author: karekano

I was so surprised that I couldn't speak
#7185 Author: sureshnihon

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