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た形 積もりで
JLPT N2 Author: chadxtiman
instead of (hypothetical action)
運動したつもりで、歩いて行った。/ Instead of doing exercice, I went walking.
Instead of using the bonus pay to buy things, I saved it (in the bank).
#6837 Author: 赤毛

Instead of doing exercise, I went walking.
#6838 Author: 赤毛

Because the added charge is 500 Yen (the same value than the coffee), instead of drinking a coffee cup, I took the limited express train.
#6839 Author: 赤毛

They took a picture of me on the street as if I had became famous .
#6842 Author: 赤毛

I attended this student as if I were his father.
#6841 Author: 赤毛

You made the decision with the same feeling as if you were going to die.
#6840 Author: 赤毛

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