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koto ga aru
Edit  claytonian
There are times when
there are times when Father cooks dinner
Edit  claytonian
In my household, there are times when dad makes dinner.
Edit  #6488 claytonian
I usually was the one walking the dog, but lately there are times when my wife does it.
Edit  #6489 claytonian
When you eat too much chocolate, there are times when you get a nosebleed.
Edit  #6548 chohongsieudieu
There was a time when my little brother came in third place at a violin contest.
Edit  #6728 赤毛
There are times when the more you think about it, the less you understand the solution.
Edit  #6729 赤毛
(In the classroom) There are things I would like to consult you about, is it ok if I stop by your office?
Edit  #6733 赤毛
She is a friendly person, but there are times when she gets angry too.
Edit  #7025 agnestan
There are times when I cannot sleep.
Edit  #7222 nathy1985
I sometimes talk with my friend until morning.
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