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ほどだ; ほどの
hododa; hodono
JLPT N2 Author: rubyhatchet
almost/nearly; to the point of; like that; such as that
The doors almost don't close.
くらい; くらいの
The river water flowing out of the mountain is cold and when you put your hands in, it's nearly painful.
#6448 Author: rubyhatchet

That child completed a work so surprising that it surprises even adults.
#6450 Author: rubyhatchet

Rush-hour trains are really crowded. The doors almost don't shut.
#6449 Author: rubyhatchet

He earned some two million yen.
#8182 Author: karekano

He was not so weak (that) he could not walk.
#8183 Author: karekano

I was astonished that I could not talk.
#8728 Author: baenur

The rope is about five meters long.
#8180 Author: karekano

The trip will take about five hours.
#8181 Author: karekano

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