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ni koshita koto ha nai ga
JLPT N1 Author: kadoka66
Normally Its better to (You can never have too much)
(As used by my Tennis Club Chairman) It would be better if the weather was nice
When you are sick, sleeping is the best thing to do.
#6808 Author: brazenxvirtue

This job doesn't require experience but it would probably be an advantage.
#6381 Author: kadoka66

Even though they said it won't rain tomorrow, better to have your umbrella with you just in case.
#6382 Author: kadoka66

You can never be too careful
#6380 Author: kadoka66

If you want to become proficient in Japanese, the best thing is to go to Japan, but I think you should first study properly [i.e. the basics] in America.
#6809 Author: brazenxvirtue

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