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JLPT N2 Author: kadoka66
and at the same time
He came in, and at the same time the bell rang. / 彼が入ってきた、それと同時にベルが鳴った。
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The train left just as we arrived at the platform.
#6378 Author: kadoka66

He is at once stern and tender.
#6377 Author: kadoka66

He is a scientist and musician.
#6379 Author: kadoka66

They laughed and cried at the same time.
#6926 Author: 赤毛

As soon as man is born, he begins to die.
#6928 Author: 赤毛

The paradox of sport is that it bonds as it divides.
#6929 Author: 赤毛

Knowledge is power, but it is power for evil just as much as for good.
#6930 Author: 赤毛

While I admit her good points, I can see her bad.
#8478 Author: karekano

A fire broke out along with the earthquake.
#8479 Author: karekano

The moment the chimes rang they got up from their seats.
#8480 Author: karekano

The moment she arrived at the station, she phoned her mother.
#6927 Author: 赤毛

To tell his own opinion and to listen to other people thoughts are both important.
#6931 Author: 赤毛

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