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など; なんか; なんて
nado; nanka; nante
JLPT N2 Author: rubyhatchet
and so on; and the like; for example; things like 〜
A lot of students from China, Korea, and so on come to this university.
Playing tennis and the like in the wind and rain on the day of a typhoon is unimaginable.
#6303 Author: rubyhatchet

That you wrote a 20-page report in one day is something amazing. I can't even write a 3-page report.
#6304 Author: rubyhatchet

She's adult-like, isn't she? That she's still 15 is something I can't believe.
#6305 Author: rubyhatchet

You must not wear makeup.
#6585 Author: hana

I really hate natto.
#6586 Author: hana

There is no way that I can give a speech in Japanese.
#6587 Author: hana

Just kidding! I was playing dead!
#6629 Author: cone

Grammar be hanged.
#8297 Author: karekano

I`m not in the least afraid of dogs.
#8298 Author: karekano

She is nothing to me anymore.
#8299 Author: karekano

I can`t imagine you doing it.
#8300 Author: karekano

It`s ridiculous that you have not brought the money.
#8301 Author: karekano

You are mad to go out in the storm.
#8302 Author: karekano

Such is life.
#8303 Author: karekano

It is impossible that he is still alive.
#8304 Author: karekano

She doesn`t watch baseball games on TV at all.
#8305 Author: karekano

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