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Edit  quanjpn
so...that one can`t stand it; unbearably;extremely
adj (i) stem kute tamaranai; adj (na) stem de tamaranai
Edit  quanjpn
I am so worried about my children.
Edit  #6628 chohongsieudieu
Thank you for the tea. I can`t quite find the right words to say, but it was so good that I couldn`t stand it!
Edit  #6968 jaystarkey
She has an itch for money.
Edit  #8082 karekano
We are eager to go.
Edit  #8083 karekano
He's avid (of) for fame.
Edit  #8084 karekano
I have a terrible (an insatiable) thirst.
Edit  #8085 karekano
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