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JLPT N2 Author: ziaz
because of, due to (indicates only negative meaning)
Due to lack of sleep, I have a headache today
he died because~, he lost his fortune because~,...
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Because of him, I was scolded by my teacher.
#5990 Author: motodrift

We did not go on the trip because of the typhoon.
#6953 Author: 赤毛

It's the weather's fault that I don't feel good.
#7096 Author: Izumi19

Maybe the student is not becoming good because of the poor way of teaching.
#7097 Author: Izumi19

Because of him, I failed.
#6429 Author: hadv

Since it's hot, I have no appetite.
#6431 Author: hadv

Those food all not taste to me because of i feel fever.
#7154 Author: sureshnihon

Due to lack of sleep, today I'm absent minded.
#5966 Author: ziaz

I was late because the train was late.
#6430 Author: hadv

It was because she was ill that she didn't come to the party.
#8415 Author: karekano

My failure is due to the fact that I was lazy.
#8416 Author: karekano

Their late arrival was owing to the rain.
#8417 Author: karekano

Her beauty withered with age.
#8418 Author: karekano

Is it my impression? He seems to be not feeling well.
#6428 Author: hadv

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