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わけには いかない
wakeniha ikanai
JLPT N2 Author: Meghana
cannot; have no other choice but
Because my boss said so, I have no other choice but to go on this business trip.
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We can't very well speak Japanese at a normal American Party. (The speaker has the ability to speak Japanese, but cannot do it even if he/she wants to because it his inappropriate to speak Japanese in this particular situation.
#5898 Author: samesong

Since this is my teacher's book, I can't very well lend it to you
#5899 Author: samesong

You cannot be absent for the meeting (for unstated reasons).
#6940 Author: 赤毛

I cannot allow myself to be treated to this meal by you. (I have to pay).
#6941 Author: 赤毛

Because of storm, many people lost their houses, so I can't ignore
#6952 Author: amenya

It is difficult to do alone but since all seem to be busy, I cannot ask them for help.
#5816 Author: Meghana

I can`t very well decline her offer.
#8520 Author: karekano

I can`t help feeling anxious about you.
#8521 Author: karekano

It is because we cannot overlook his behavior of irresponsibility anymore.
#6942 Author: 赤毛

It is more than 9PM, but until I can finish that work, I cannot get back home.
#6943 Author: 赤毛

As I have to do another work tomorrow, and this one is unfinished as it is, I cannot get back home.
#6944 Author: 赤毛

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