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Edit  bamboo4
have the knack to deal with something; completely
I dealt with it expertly
Edit  bamboo4
I used up the shampoo completely
Edit  #5765 dc
I'll read the book from cover to cover .
Edit  #5766 dc
I find it difficult to do all this work in a day.
Edit  #5767 dc
He doesn't have the ability to do the work properly.
Edit  #5768 dc
He has the ability to do the work.
Edit  #5769 dc
His command of English is on a par with mine.
Edit  #5770 dc
He has a good command of English.
Edit  #5772 dc
you speak Japanese perfectly!
Edit  #5845 dc
He masterfully played that game.
Edit  #6375 hgtedo
This system has the ability to accomplish virtually any task.
Edit  #6401 EvilKyra
(His clothing) was neither individual, nor what what one would call refined and elegant clothing.
Edit  #6787 adnim
He couldn't manage his new personal computer.
Edit  #8216 karekano
He played the host perfectly.
Edit  #8217 karekano
When her turn came, she rose to the occasion.
Edit  #8218 karekano
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