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もさることながら (も然る事乍ら)
JLPT N1 Author: Paul
is (such) but (____) is also
of course talent is important but practice cannot be neglected
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In America, Basketball is clearly popular but so is Football.
#6066 Author: danie115

In solving the problem of street-parking of cars the response of the council is obviously important but the attitude of the local residents is also a significant factor.
#5747 Author: Paul

Not only intention of the parents, the child himself has yearned to the famous school.
#6267 Author: khongbietboi

This library's large collection of books is one thing, but the services they provide are really wonderful.
#7946 Author: LR

She is of course a skilled singer, but more significantly she is a master pianist.
#7948 Author: LR

When it comes to practicing conversation, speaking is obviously important, but moreover making sure you follow what is being said is essential.
#7949 Author: LR

This jointluy produced movie is highly polished, but more importantly, the fact that two countries worked together and completed a film is in and of itself quite significant
#7950 Author: LR

As the population has aged, the care of senile seniors has become a problem. It is true that from now on care will be an important issue, but the question of how to prevent people from becoming senile is more important.
#7947 Author: LR

Though the development of the country is important, the protection of the environment is inevitable.
#8729 Author: masakitenchi

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