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Edit  ness
too; too much; excessively
This problem is too difficult for me
Edit  ness
That person ate a little too much.
Edit  #5708 Ness
This apple is too sweet to eat.
Edit  #5709 Ness
I'm afraid that place is a little too expensive.
Edit  #5710 Miki
He talks too much.
Edit  #5711 Miki
It's too late now.
Edit  #5712 Miki
This chair is too low for me.
Edit  #5713 Miki
This whisky is too strong.
Edit  #5714 Miki
This curry is too hot.
Edit  #5715 Miki
These pants are too fancy for me.
Edit  #5716 Miki
This problem is too simple.
Edit  #5717 Miki
He eats too much candy.
Edit  #8636 Sakuratree
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