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Edit  bi-ru
It is a child-like expression.
Edit  bi-ru
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John gets angry easily.
Edit  #6219 rubyhatchet
The expression has a childish ring to it
Edit  #5537 bi-ru
Ms. Uehara, how cute-ish you look.
Edit  #5729 cdo4
What do you mean, -ish!
Edit  #5730 cdo4
Laura is sexy!
Edit  #5737 Tantei
Who is that person in blackish clothes?
Edit  #5821 Meghana
With an easily bored personality, she has changed jobs countless times up to now.
Edit  #6220 rubyhatchet
An easily angered person has few friends.
Edit  #6221 rubyhatchet
That child acts very adult-like.
Edit  #6558 hana
As you get older, you start to become forgetful.
Edit  #6559 hana
In a feverish condition condition In a feverish condition
Edit  #8397 karekano
The trouble with you is that you are forgetful
Edit  #8398 karekano
A wicked smile
Edit  #8399 karekano
That story sounds incredible.
Edit  #8400 karekano
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