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But...! / But If (you) had just... / But (I) could have...
But if you had just asked, I would have given it to you.
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If you knew, why didn't you tell me!?
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You didn't have enough people? If you had just called me, I would have helped you.
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If she had just used the internet, she could have easily made the reservation, but she made an international call.
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He should have told the truth, but he lied and lost their trust.
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If I'd only gone to the doctor right away, I would have gotten better without any trouble. I acted too late.
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Had my father live one year longer, he could have attended my wedding ceremony, but just because I was indecisive for so long, I couldn't give him the chance to see me in my wedding dress. I feel so sorry!
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It would have been better if he'd continued his Japanese studies, but he quit after only one year.
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