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JLPT N3 Author: Xephyer
I think I will (do)
今から銀行へ行こうと思います。/ I think I will go to the bank right now.
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I kept wanting to say thank you but unfortunately a long period of time passed.
#6875 Author: 赤毛

I planned to work hard but in spite of myself, I just ended up being lazy.
#6876 Author: 赤毛

I think I will go to the bank right now.
#6867 Author: 赤毛

I intend to go to the sea this week-end.
#6868 Author: 赤毛

He plan to work in foreign countries.
#6869 Author: 赤毛

In the future I plan to make my own company.
#6870 Author: 赤毛

"Did you finished the report yet?" "No I didn't yet. I plan to put it in order for Friday without lack."
#6871 Author: 赤毛

I didn't write yet the letter answer. I think I will write it right now.
#6872 Author: 赤毛

I bought this book because I plan to make my little brother read.
#6873 Author: 赤毛

I intend to read this book this evening.
#6874 Author: 赤毛

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