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ごとき, ごとく, ごとし
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Like, As if; resembelence, analogy, similarity
I want to fly like a bird.
実際はそうではないが、まるで〜のような/に (文語体)
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Criticism like fire.
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For a beginner like me, ...
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Fly through the sky like a jet.
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As stated above...
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As usual.
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As if it is alive.
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To fly through the sky like a bird; that is the dream of man.
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That person is as brave as a lion.
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that boy ran away as if he was flying.
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That girl was like a white lily.
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As I mentioned before, the schedule for the meeting has changed so please take care.
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That company boss behaves as if all the world belongs to him.
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Life is like a voyage
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Tokyoites all look as if they are always running
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She dominates the showbusiness world as if she were a queen.
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Their dream -like , newly-wedded bliss was followed by tragedy.
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