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what triggered you to quit?
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Giotto is credited with sowing the seeds of the Italian Renaissance.
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My comment sparked off an argument in the group.
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Who has pulled the trigger?
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Who has pulled her son to his feet.
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I got together with her mainly because we seemed to share the same feelings about things.
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They gave him a handle for escaping.
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trigger for the development of ~
Edit  #5404 mika
meet someone through a personal ad
Edit  #5405 mika
How did you come up with an idea like that?
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What motivated you to take up the guitar?
Edit  #5407 mika
intense debate stirred up by
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His standing in polls slips in the wake of financial scandal.
Edit  #5409 mika
be connected through one's business
Edit  #5410 mika
gain new urgency in the revelation of scandals
Edit  #5411 mika
change with the slightest of opportunities
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What got you interested at first in baseball?
Edit  #5413 mika
prompt someone to leave after more than __ years of service
Edit  #5414 mika
use a program as a jump-start on a successful career
Edit  #5415 mika
album that made one fall in love with jazz
Edit  #5416 mika
racially-triggered violence
Edit  #5417 mika
Inflation triggered uemployment.
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I don`t remember what prompted it, but...
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What started you on English conversation?
Edit  #8230 karekano
Recently international cultural exchange had became more and more popular. Informations on foreign culture is only growing up and with this as a start people began to think about that in their own country.
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